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Welcome, we are glad you are here! NeOasis Interiors caters to the staging industry and takes a great deal of pride in being the premier rental resource for this niche marketplace. Whether you are just starting your staging career or are a "seasoned" professional, we want to partner with your business to take it to the next level. All of our furniture is designer-selected and regularly updated, allowing you to follow the latest trends, regardless of your budget. 

Our Rental Process: 

The inventory on our site is "live" and changes by the minute per the nature of the industry, last minute changes may be required for a variety of reasons.  Every rental has a 30 day payment commitment regardless of return date; after initial 30 day rental, items are prorated per day based off of 30 day rental period. Credit memos are issued for early returns.

We ask first time clients will be asked to pay the invoice with a credit card at no additional cost prior to delivery in order to complete your order and finalize your account. Once your first order is complete you then have the option of paying via bank transfer at no added cost or continue with CC at a 1.5% processing fee. Your First CC Payment Will Not incur a 1.5% fee.

Furniture rentals auto-renew every 30 days; on the 1st day of every billing cycle you will be invoiced for your new monthly rental fees. If the  invoice is not paid within 48 hours, your card will be charged and are subject to processing fees. If returned before the second cycle of 30 days ends, you will be credited for the prorated rental amount. 

We allow stagers to reserve items for maximum of 10 days. Items held for more than 10 days or transferred from current projects to future ones may be subject to a rental of two times the typical rate due to the fact that holding inventory creates barriers for stagers with projects within our allotted timeline. 

If you are trying to quote a project, feel free to add things to the cart without checking out to get a rough estimate (with the understanding that costs may vary based off of selection) or ask for our Rental Quote Sheet - costs are not gaurenteed until checkout.

Accepting a delivery acts as a contractual agreement of these terms.

Flat Rate Delivery Fees

Flat rate delivery fees are offered based off of calendar availability and is on a first-come, first-served basis Monday - Saturday. If schedule requests cannot be met, we partner with a number of trusted vendors that can fulfill the staging timeline at affordable rates. Our delivery rates include a truck, two guys (unless otherwise noted), and the placement of furniture into the room. Prices are as follow:

$125 | Standard Delivery :: For Most of King and Snohomish County - we will happily confirm based off of your zip code

$125 | Standard Destage :: Charged at the same rate as delivery, if applicable 

$200 | Model Moves :: Current rental location of NeOasis items to new location within our standard zip code delivery area; assistance for non-NeOasis items is available at the hourly rate below and must be scheduled in advance.

$75   | Hourly Moving Rate :: Must be scheduled in advance or based off of schedule availability - One hour minimum required, valid only with a standard delivery fee; can be utilized for the following:

    - Pickup non-NeOasis items :: at a storage facility or a retail establishment

    - Furniture Rearranging :: with existing items or with NeOasis Furniture (from location originally indicated) - liability for existing items will be waived in this circumstance

$75   | Solo Deliveries  :: Limited scheduling availability available :: subject to items selected

FREE | Standard delivery for all rentals over $3,000 and all purchases over $6,000

FREE | Will Call Pick Ups :: these must be scheduled in advance and be in a suitable vehicle for safe transit. Our team will gladly assist in loading based off of schedule availability. Liability of furniture is transferred upon pickup. Blankets are required and we happily sell moving blankets for only $10/pc to ensure safe transit and happy furniture!

Calendar Requests
A calendar request is on a first come-first serve basis- if our calendar is full, we will help facilitate a third party service for your delivery needs, usually at a negotiated rate. Calendar requests can be made in two ways: 1) If your project is more than 10 days out (or) to schedule a destage, you can inquire about calendar availability before placing your order by emailing; 2) If within 10 days, there will be a field at your rental checkout that will allow you to request a preferred delivery date and time.  Neither of these methods secure your appointment, our team will be in contact with you regarding confirmation of your requests or to offer alternative time slots. We require 10 business days notice for destages. If we are unable to meet the time line of the 10 days we will then stop rental on the 10th day after your request was sent. We do book up pretty fast and it is always best to give us as much notice as possible to ensure we meet your timeline. 

Let's face it, Seattle traffic is unpredictable at best, therefore delivery windows are given in 2 hour incriminates. On the day of delivery, our team will call 30 minutes from their anticipated arrival time, or when they are in route, whichever is sooner.

For questions or to facilitate a rush order within 24 hours (charges may apply) please contact 425.697.3045. 

Cancellations and Restocking Fees
We. Understand. The. Industry. And we want to be easy to work with. We will never charge fees when it is not necessary. However, we do pay our people and want to ensure that our overhead is kept minimal so we can continue to offer an excellent value in our products. That is why we only charge fees when we pay our people to perform services that are not needed or when we lose the availability to service another customer. Restocking fees apply to items that are delivered and sent back or for items that are cancelled/changed within 24 business hours of delivery (please note that orders being delivered on Monday are pulled on Friday and subject to restocking fees if changed over the weekend):

    - Under $50 - No charge: ordered two nightstands, and only one fits, we get it- send it back, like we said, we understand the industry. 

    - Over $50 - $50 or 20%, whichever is greater: sometimes things don't work out as planned, or plans change. Even though this is rare, it makes an impact to our routing and schedule, but we will work with you to ensure the cost burden of this scenario is minimal.

    - Calendar Cancellations - Our calendar spots are highly coveted and we want to ensure that we can fulfill as many projects as our fleet and calendar will allow. Therefore if a project is cancelled within 3 business days of your delivery or destage, then a $100 cancellation fee will be charged in addition to the restocking fees outlined above. 

Visiting our Fulfillment Center

Since we cater specifically to the staging community, we typically are not open to the public. Therefore we require appointments to visit our fulfillment center whether it is to see inventory in person or for a Will-Call Pickup. We have the most availability between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Inventory is best viewed on the website due to the lighting in the fulfillment center :: when inquiring about product, our team will do our best to answer questions, but we aren't pretending to be designers - we trust your expertise for that; due to the fact that we get new inventory daily, questions about color matches may be a challenge for our in-house team to answer. Please keep in mind when scheduling an appointment that we are not a showroom and that frequently our facility will be cold - come with layers to bundle up! If you are visiting during happy hour, let us know so we can have a glass (or bottle) of wine ready for you!  

Ask to learn more about the following specialty benefits NeOasis offers exclusively to our stagers:

Loyalty Program
Rent to Own 
Discounted Purchases

Need to Know About Our Inventory and some answers to some FAQs:

Toss Pillows Not Included: As we have said, we understand the industry. You have your own signature look, you are not trying to mimic a Sears Catalogue (no offense Sears). We do not want a stager to have to keep track of the (sometimes hideous) toss pillows that come with sofas or other furnishings for the entire duration of the rental. Therefore, all toss pillows are separated from inventory unless purchasing new.

Where are the King Mattresses? Most damage to homes occur with our bulkiest pieces. One location we can minimize this risk is with our king beds. If you are looking to rent a king mattress, simply rent two twin mattresses. The realize the length is slightly smaller, if find this to be an issue, reach out to our team. They can guide you through all of the tricks to make it so nobody will know the difference!

Beds vs Headboards vs Mattresses: Beds most typically include a headboard, footboards, and rails unless otherwise specified, while headboards are, well.... headboards. They can be used with either metal frames or risers (which take the place of a frame and boxspring, but are collapsible to minimize the risk of damages during the moving process). Mattress, boxsprings, and risers/frames must be ordered separately.

Please note that we do our best, but cannot guarantee dimensions, descriptions or color clarification provided for any item. Light bulbs and furniture pads do not come standard due to the fact that we can not properly maintain the quality or ensure the consistency of these items for the life of the product. We strongly recommend having furniture pads stocked to minimize scratches on floors and to add the control of stability for accent pieces . Please note that the standard furniture studs and the furniture pads that stagers may add are not maintained.


neOasis Interiors    •    Pronounced:    nēˌōˈāsis    ...or...    knee.O.a.sis


We offer customizable furniture packages for stagers, real estate agents, and builders available for rent or purchase. All rental inventory is designer selected with considerations for market trends, price points, and the ability for a stager to create a unique, signature look for any home. Although we do not stage, we know some of best talent the in the industry - do not hesitate to contact us for a referral.


NEO - a combining form of Greek origin meaning new, recent, revived, or modified

OASIS - a place of peace, safety, or happiness serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.

More simply stated- A New Home....

A home does not have to be new to create a fresh ambiance. Whether staging to sell, or designing to live, our furnishings provide the foundation for a design that will evoke an impactful first impression for a home. Ranging from "Fixer Uppers" to high end new construction, we stock inventory for a wide array of projects. 

Nicole and Michael Damron established NeOasis in April, 2014. Nicole is the "Buyer of All Things Pretty" while Michael acts as "The Captain". Combined, they have over 35 years of industry experience.



We don't stage, but we work with the best in the industry. Contact us for a referral today.